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Our Story

Our journey first began in the mid 1990's when the mental, emotional, and behavioral needs of children and youth with disabilities were not being met in the high desert region of San Bernardino County. Our region had a significant population of infants, children and youth who had experienced physical, sexual, and emotional abuse as a result of premature birth, poor maternal nutrition, family violence, maternal depression, and/or substance abuse or prenatal exposure to alcohol and other drugs. Twenty-five years later, we continue to have higher levels of unserved and underserved populations, poverty, child abuse and neglect, and children in foster care than the average rates for San Bernardino County. As recent as 2017, fifty percent of the County's infant and child deaths occurred in the high desert region. We were and continue to be outraged at the number of children aged 0-5 suffering from abuse and its lasting effects of fear and mental and emotional scars that cripple and affect a child's ability to learn, interact with others, manage emotions, and self-regulate behavior. The stats are alarming! The problem even bigger. Hurt, scared, and sad children make our hair stand on end! We knew we had to help. Sitting back and doing nothing was not an answer, so we created a foundation that would help provide the resources and services necessary to help children feel safe and loved, and to grow and learn in a healthy and nurturing home and school environment.

Our Vision

A society in which all children are empowered and have the right to live in an environment where they can thrive.




Securing resources and delivering whatever service is required to benefit the health, wellness, safety, and education of any child and their families.

Our Culture

The foundation of our organization starts with our unity to fulfill our mission. We challenge ourselves to be innovative, collaborative, professional, and accountable. Our team brings its best by being transparent, ethical, and gracious while having fun. We pave the way by giving everyone a voice in a kid-focused, parent-friendly, and unique service environment. Always finding ways to say yes!

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