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Our Programs

All our programming and services are customized to meet the specific needs of specific populations within specific community sectors. Nothing canned.


Kids First Foundation provides virtual mental health services for children, youth, adults and families throughout the state of California.  Our therapists are Marriage, Family Therapists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors, Marriage, Family Therapist Associates, Clinical Social Worker Associates or Professional Clinical Counselor Associates.  We provide individual and family therapies based on the needs of each individual.


Selected Group of Trainings Offered

Kids First Foundation holds a contract with the State of California Department of Rehabilitation for youth and adults (ages 15 -70 y.o.) for work experience, situational assessment and employment services.


Kids First Foundation works with several organizations to write on local, state and/or funding grants in coordination with KFF or for the organization specifically.  In addition, KFF will provide grant management services for the grants that are awarded.

Kids First Foundation is working in collaboration Inland Empire Autism Society in San Bernardino through a local grant to increase knowledge and awareness of resources for children and youth who may be on the autism spectrum.

Kids First Foundation is available to provide a variety of trainings to mental health providers, teachers and school related personnel and communities at large.


Please contact Alyssa Tucker at 951.990.9798 to request training.

Fiscal Strategies for the Home

This program service focuses on providing individuals with practical and effective financial management techniques tailored for home and personal finances. It aims to empower individuals to make informed decisions regarding budgeting, saving, investing, and debt management to achieve financial stability and security within their household.

Social Media and Mental Health

This program service addresses the intersection between social media usage and mental well-being. It educates individuals on how social media platforms can impact mental health, providing strategies for maintaining a healthy balance, navigating online interactions, and fostering positive digital habits to support overall mental wellness.

Trauma-Informed Teaching

This program service equips educators with the knowledge and skills needed to create safe and supportive learning environments for students who have experienced trauma. It emphasizes understanding the effects of trauma on learning and behavior, implementing trauma-sensitive practices, and promoting resilience and healing within the classroom setting.

Emotional Regulation

This program service focuses on helping individuals develop skills to recognize, understand, and manage their emotions effectively. It teaches techniques such as mindfulness, self-awareness, and coping strategies to regulate emotional responses, improve emotional intelligence, and enhance overall well-being.

Identification of Stressors and Stress Management

This program service helps individuals identify sources of stress in their lives and provides tools and techniques for managing stress effectively. It emphasizes self-awareness, stress reduction strategies, and healthy coping mechanisms to promote resilience, balance, and overall mental and physical health.

Strategies for Classroom Behavior Management

This program service offers educators practical strategies and techniques for creating a positive and structured learning environment, managing student behavior effectively, and promoting student engagement and academic success. It focuses on proactive approaches, clear expectations, positive reinforcement, and collaboration between teachers, students, and families to foster a supportive and productive classroom community.

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